Saturday, 24 October 2015

Jewish Position on Blood (Go to the source)

Okay.... dealing with the hot topic of BLOOD and whether or not a Christians can take a blood transfusion,  I came to the conclusion that, since this prohibition started in the OLD Testament, then maybe it would be best to go to the Old Testament for our answer. Or, more practically, to those who adhere to it. Israel. Jews.
   Now CULTURAL Jews might or might not care one way or the other. Non-religious Jews might have issues with blood transfusion on medical grounds (Aids) .  Understandable. However, as someone who used to donate blood, I can tell you that anyone who donates undergoes, at each appointment, very pointed questions, concerning their lifestyle.  I mean PERSONAL questions. So, if one doesn't feel like answering  deeply personal questions like that, then maybe donating is not a good idea.  Safe-guards ARE in place. Believe me. 

   Religious Jews, on the other hand, those who study the Torah know the Old Testament issues on this matter. So, if you are a Jehovah's Witness reading this post, PLEASE ASK A RABBI about this matter.  They would know and they'd give you the straight goods. Remember, it is against JEWISH LAW to eat blood.  They were the first group G-D handed this prohibition to. So if anyone would know, they would.
    In the meantime, one place in the Old Testament that does address this issue is Leviticus 17.  Verse 15, specifically, offers the remedy for someone who slips up in the matter of eating blood.  Taking a bath, washing your clothes and being outside the city until sundown.  For me, that would amount to taking a Greyhound to Gimili , finding a hotel, taking a shower and then wearing new clothes while washing your 'tainted' clothes....the clothes the sin was committed in, at the local laundy matt and then maybe going to the library or a movie or the mall til sundown or the next day and then take the bus home.  Problem solved.  It's NOT the big issue that it's been made out to be.

   Again, however, don't take my word for it. ASK A RABBI.  There is a Rabbi's name in the link above.  I asked a local Rabbi and he said that the prohibition was exclusively ingestive/digestive.  In other words....DIETARY.   Ask and find out.

   Then there is the plain simple fact that BLOOD is IN our VEINS.  I've heard the most bizarre reasoning;  insisting that, if a doctor told you that you could no longer drink alcohol , would you inject that booze into your veins?  😱  Uuuuuhhhhhh  there is a smidge of a difference, here. And by SMIDGE, I mean a WHOLE LOT of difference.  See, ALCOHOL does NOT  flow through the veins. Blood does. BLOOD is in our veins. It is created by the body to flow from the arteries to the veins.  This is called the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM.   The Circulatory system works differently from the DIGESTIVE system.  Blood, introduced into the body, via the veins, is NOT digested. If this were the case, we'd ALL be DEAD!

   Seriously.  LIVES have been LOST for NO REASON.  Don't let your life be the next.  KNOW FOR SURE! 

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